No Asuko... the world mourns

Asuko our Japanese teacher wasn't here today... I mourned her loss as she missed out on my pocky extravaganza!! I bought 3 BOXES OF POCKY!!!! and ate most of them....


ne hoo enuff of that, I forgot to bring in my english hwk, i'm bringin it in tomoz tho... cos it is done :P how sad, :P:P

newhoo la la la
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Hehe, i chose that after Se'ikspia song of that exact title, unless romaniser was dumb O_O... ne hoo... today was College-ey...

Art was okay, i had to buy a sketch book! £5 !!! A4 black pages n stuff!! aaargh soo skint :(...

hmm.. i really wanna make a print for a t-shirt, on an Inkjet thingie, make a kichigai t-shirt for ma Gypsie :P sorry if i spelt that wrong :p

listened to kagrra over n over today :S and Schwein, cos theyre brilliant... a lil schwarz stein too, and some Blam honey and 16Volt

boring moi again, gomennasai
xXx take care and all be well
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numbers dates, time is all irrelevant

i tried learning dates again in japanese... what a mistake.. :( i find them well difficult, well... not the numbers, but when it gets to naming the days of the month, it gets real complicated. as for instance: the 1st is Tsuitachi... the 2nd, futsuka, so like...october the 6th would be juugatsu muika ...

haha thats boring old moi for ya, lol, listening to good ol' eze:qul and eliphas levi today...with some vidoll... HxMx Crash trap i swear is the darndest funniest song by them i've ever heard.

well... that they ever wrote neways, i gotta hand it to em, Missalina rei did a pretty fine job with TOxKIxMExMI lol, greatness, and oh so random :P
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spilling sake in blistered cups with green tea and Kagrra

Hey LJ community-ness!
I hope I've joined and found everyone very well... I'm not, feelin better tho after a bottle of Sawa no Tsuru sake and some Oishi Green Tea. Damn cold...

Ne ways, today i played my Pipa for over an hour... or more... then went shopping at an "Oriental Supermarket"... which was kickass!! they had Morinaga Hi-Chews, Sake, Ramen, Udon and loadsa crazy stuff.... I ended up with a bottle of Sake, a bottle of green (ice) tea, morinaga hi-chews cola flavoured, Akai kitsune udon with two oage (yum yum yum) but no Pocky. Oh well.. i ordered 3 boxes of the stuff, so hopefully i'll snack out on em next week when my Malice Mizer La collection box thingie comes through...

xXx take care y'all, hope i'm not painfully scary or wierd 0_0 xXx
Peace out! hahahaha!!
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